Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bad Blogger

I've been very bad lately about neglecting my blog. I promise to try to attempt to make myself be more diligent...hehe. Anywhos, I've been very busy lately making lots & lots of new critters. I'll be posting new pics soon on my facebook page: if you care to take a look. I am much more responsible when it comes to keeping it up-to-date.

Yesterday, I finished putting the patina on several new critters, including: Marshmallow Smores Bear, Spring Turtle, Fat Cat 2 with Ball of Yarn, Butterball Owl Hootie, Squeaks the Mouse & a little CF (Christi Friesen) inspired sea turtle. I also sculpted a Squirrel on a stump w/ Nuts that is waiting to be baked with some Hootie pendants.

I'll be heading to the post office today to mail out my original Fat Cat #1--Zoey commissioned piece. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. (BTW, if you happen to use any of my photos, for reproduction or to copy my work, please contact me first & at the very least shoot some credit my way...thanks!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Image Of Heaven by Miranda Farrand

"My Image of Heaven" by Miranda Farrand

Deep blue-green leaves of river bottom trees reach
protective hands across the breadth of the tiny creek.
Swirling puffs of dandelion fluff float on the warm
summer breeze, reminiscent of a fairy tale scene.

Hungry fish splish & splash after unwary bugs,
Creating wrinkles in the clear, cool waters.
Tiny ripples form on the current, sweeping the
river's face clean of leaves & dust.
Crawdads & darters inch their way along the bottom,
dashing and scurrying from pebble to pebble.

Dragonflies flit from plant to plant,
never stopping but a moment to rewind.
Bees nestle amongst the petals of wildflowers galore,
applying their make-up of yellow powder.

Cicadas whirl and chirp,
blocking out the subtler sounds of the birds' songs,
taking the main stage in Nature's ever-present symphony.