Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still a bad blogger.

I'm still terrible about keeping my blog up-to-date. Must be the summer and having so much to do. It certainly was much easier this past winter when it was unpleasant to get out of the house. Nothing like sitting in front of the computer sharing my thoughts & deeds then :) I think to get back on track, I'll share a poem and some recent critters. Maybe that will atone for my blogger slacking. Maybe not.


The busy buzz of bumblebees
Floats upon a summer breeze.
Bewitching drone of a hard day's work
Carried on the winds of hope.

With legs bedecked in clinging socks of pollen
Busy bees bumble along the meadow.
Never picky, be it petunia, dandelion or pansy
The ceaseless work continues.

Life renews in this fellowship garden
The sweet nectar of the purest flower
Provides a honey of a living for
The gold & black striped visitors.

I just remembered that I can't share pictures on here right now because all my recent ones are on my laptop :) Go figure..hehe. But I can share a link to my newest album on Facebook with you if you care to stop over there for a looksie!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bad Blogger

I've been very bad lately about neglecting my blog. I promise to try to attempt to make myself be more diligent...hehe. Anywhos, I've been very busy lately making lots & lots of new critters. I'll be posting new pics soon on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/MirandasCritters if you care to take a look. I am much more responsible when it comes to keeping it up-to-date.

Yesterday, I finished putting the patina on several new critters, including: Marshmallow Smores Bear, Spring Turtle, Fat Cat 2 with Ball of Yarn, Butterball Owl Hootie, Squeaks the Mouse & a little CF (Christi Friesen) inspired sea turtle. I also sculpted a Squirrel on a stump w/ Nuts that is waiting to be baked with some Hootie pendants.

I'll be heading to the post office today to mail out my original Fat Cat #1--Zoey commissioned piece. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. (BTW, if you happen to use any of my photos, for reproduction or to copy my work, please contact me first & at the very least shoot some credit my way...thanks!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Image Of Heaven by Miranda Farrand

"My Image of Heaven" by Miranda Farrand

Deep blue-green leaves of river bottom trees reach
protective hands across the breadth of the tiny creek.
Swirling puffs of dandelion fluff float on the warm
summer breeze, reminiscent of a fairy tale scene.

Hungry fish splish & splash after unwary bugs,
Creating wrinkles in the clear, cool waters.
Tiny ripples form on the current, sweeping the
river's face clean of leaves & dust.
Crawdads & darters inch their way along the bottom,
dashing and scurrying from pebble to pebble.

Dragonflies flit from plant to plant,
never stopping but a moment to rewind.
Bees nestle amongst the petals of wildflowers galore,
applying their make-up of yellow powder.

Cicadas whirl and chirp,
blocking out the subtler sounds of the birds' songs,
taking the main stage in Nature's ever-present symphony.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I've been away....

I've been away for so long due to computer problems and am just now surfacing after checking hundreds of emails. I have been very busy with my poly clay critters in the meantime though. Hopefully, I'll be able to post pictures of them very soon.

I think I'll share a another poem while we wait...

Trickle, Trickle, Plink, Plink
by Miranda Farrand

What's that sound I hear?
Trickle, trickle, plink, plink,
The sound of rain dripping from the trees.

Sweet spring has found me here,
Biding my time till winter has eased by.

Overhead, clouds gather, thunder rumbles,
and the heavens pour;
Eaves overflow and puddles form.

Over in a flash, out pops the sun,
Dries up the flood.

Up from the mud flowers sprout and bud,
Unfurling their beauty for the summer days to come.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Not Yet Spring" A poem by Miranda Farrand

I thought I would take a moment to share another poem from my personal collection of ideas & ramblings. I've been basking in the cool pre-spring sun for most of the week. I know being a resident of Ohio, that the weather is a fickle beast; springing from sunny brilliance to cloudy coolness in what seems a blink of the eye. So, while today I enjoyed the sun's tender rays & the cool breeze, tomorrow may bring a snow shower before April walks in the door....or after. Regardless, I plan to enjoy whatever the heavens bring...I hope you do to!

"Not Yet Spring" by Miranda Farrand

It's not yet March but warm breezes start to blow,
Inciting memories of warm sun and flowers galore.

Walking along the sidewalk I inhale phantom scents of fruit-tree blossoms,
An impossible reckoning as nary a tree yet sports so much as a leaf.

The smells and beauty of spring linger in my mind as the sun settles down
In the night sky for a well-earned rest.

In anticipation of another pleasant day,
I adorn myself in colors gay; azure, pink & yellow,
Only to be greeted by more snow showers!

A blustery chill is now in the air,
But I won't allow my mind to linger there.

Instead, it drifts briefly on clouds of blue,
Then on to the daffodils that display their sunny hue.

It's not long now before nature renews
What has been sleeping peacefully all winter through.

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day

Hi All,

I hope the luck of the Irish (or even better since the Irish seemed to be plagued with some questionable luck..hehe). I do have a rather high percentage of Irish blood flowing through my American veins. That must be where I get my whimiscal artistic fun-loving attributes from :)

I'm sharing some pictures of another St. Paddy's Elliephant (little bitty one) and a Leprechaun Lucky Pot. I'll have another treasure to share as soon as a clay contest is concluded at the end of March. Enjoy!

Leprechaun Treasure Box $20

Leprechaun Treasure Box $20

Lil Lucky Elliephant $15

Lil Lucky Elliephant back side $15

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Critters want attention!

I messed around with a new way to take pics of my critters yesterday utilizing a link that I saw on one of the clay yahoo groups that I belong to. I think it would have worked out better had the sun been shining & the paper that I used as a backdrop had not had crayola watermarks on it..hehe. Hope you enjoy my new little dudes:

Easter Ellie #2
Easter Ellie #2
Ralph back side
Ryan (commissioned piece for cake topper)
Ryan (Commissioned piece for cake topper)

Winter Ellie #2
Winter Ellie #2 Back side

Tastes Like Chocolate #2

Tastes Like Chocolate #3
Tastes Like Chocolate #3 side-view

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fairy Imaginings by Miranda Farrand

Thought I would share a March inspired poem that I wrote a few years ago. Spring always seems to bring out the muse in me. Must be the whole rebirthing thing or something :)

"Fairy Imaginings"

Lying on my back on the grassy bank of a gurgling brook
My eyes gaze out at the clouds that float overhead
Setting my mind free to float on the current of a gentle breeze.

My fingers idly play with clover blossoms that abound
In wide swept abandon over the hills and dells.

Little scenes drift through my wondering mind
Drawing me into a fantasy realm
Of princesses on white horses, fairy lords, & clan chieftains
Bedecked in tartans of red and gold.

A time where rosy-cheeked maidens tended to flocks of woolly sheep
And children scampered through shamrock-carpeted glens
In search of the end of the rainbow
Harboring the wee Leprechaun's gold.

A land of yore carved out of centuries of woe
Brandished with courage as the tales unfold
Encouraged by a wee spot of ale on a cold Ireland morn.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cu-Pigs...fly their way into your heart!

Sharing a few pictures of my two Cu-pigs that I made for two different polymer clay contests in the month of February. I'm happy to say that they both placed 2nd. I sure do enjoy making the cute & whimsical & the weird. I hope you enjoy looking at them too :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Voting going on in clay challenge...

Hi! Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that voting has begun in this month's clay challenge at http://www.polymerclaycentral.com/. Please take a moment to stop by and vote for your favorite entry!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Crazy Critters Completed!

I had a rare burst of energy after trekking around a disapointing dinosaur exhibit with my girls this morning. Ended up sitting down this afternoon and finished up painting all the critters that had been waiting on me. I finished up another winter elliephant, my zombie bunny, my windblown hounddog and another stump hootie. Hope you  enjoy the pics! I'll have to start sculpting a new batch tomorrow. I sold my faux chocolate toe licking bunny today on Etsy. I'm a little sad to send him away but maybe I'll clone him before he goes..hehe.
Flappy the Windblown Hound Dog $25

Flappy the Windblown Hound Dog $25

Zombie Rabidz $15

Zombie Rabidz $15

Stump Hootie #2 $20

Stump Hootie #2 $20

Thursday, February 17, 2011

They're painted!!!!

The sun didn't pop out & my toddler fell asleep so the critters calls of "Paint Me!" were finally heeded this afternoon. Hope you enjoy my latest!

Back of St. Paddy's Elliephant

St. Paddy's Elliephant $20

Easter Elliephant

Back of Easter Elliephant

Side view Easter Elliephant

Crazy Lil' Oinker $10

Side view Crazy Lil' Oinker $10

Back side Crazy Lil' Oinker

Where O' Where does the time go?

Where O' where does the time go? I've been busy living, cleaning, cooking and claying. The problem is, I get something sculpted and baked & then it just sits there for days saying, "PAINT ME, PAINT ME!" I think I may need to get a sculptor's hearing aid..ehehe. No, not really, but I am going to take another break today since the weather is supposed to be a balmy 60+° here in the normally arctic Ohio. Time to take my youngest to the park and romp a bit. Who knows, maybe I'll see some more inspiration from nature to bring home & incorporate into my art!

Back to what I have been up to: recently sculpted and baked an Easter Bunny Elliephant, a St. Paddy's Day Elliephant, an itty bitty "normal" Elliephant and a crazy winged piggy. In the oven right now cooling off is another Stumpy Owl & an unusual side view of a car with a dog hanging it's head out of the window with it's ears & jowls flapping in the breeze. Can't wait to see how he turns out once he gets his patina on.

I do solemnly promise to share pictures soon. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love is in the Air Elliephant

I painted up & photographed a Loverly Elliephant this week. Thought I would share some pictures before listing the little darling on Etsy. I baked a St. Paddy's Elliephant last night. Need to shore up the little legs a bit before adding it's lucky patina...he's a bit wobbly, must have tipped a bit too much Irish whiskey! Made a crazy little piggie last night too. Little wings & bulging eyes. Not sure what happened there but his clay genetics appear to be out of whack..hehe.