Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Not Yet Spring" A poem by Miranda Farrand

I thought I would take a moment to share another poem from my personal collection of ideas & ramblings. I've been basking in the cool pre-spring sun for most of the week. I know being a resident of Ohio, that the weather is a fickle beast; springing from sunny brilliance to cloudy coolness in what seems a blink of the eye. So, while today I enjoyed the sun's tender rays & the cool breeze, tomorrow may bring a snow shower before April walks in the door....or after. Regardless, I plan to enjoy whatever the heavens bring...I hope you do to!

"Not Yet Spring" by Miranda Farrand

It's not yet March but warm breezes start to blow,
Inciting memories of warm sun and flowers galore.

Walking along the sidewalk I inhale phantom scents of fruit-tree blossoms,
An impossible reckoning as nary a tree yet sports so much as a leaf.

The smells and beauty of spring linger in my mind as the sun settles down
In the night sky for a well-earned rest.

In anticipation of another pleasant day,
I adorn myself in colors gay; azure, pink & yellow,
Only to be greeted by more snow showers!

A blustery chill is now in the air,
But I won't allow my mind to linger there.

Instead, it drifts briefly on clouds of blue,
Then on to the daffodils that display their sunny hue.

It's not long now before nature renews
What has been sleeping peacefully all winter through.

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