Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fairy Imaginings by Miranda Farrand

Thought I would share a March inspired poem that I wrote a few years ago. Spring always seems to bring out the muse in me. Must be the whole rebirthing thing or something :)

"Fairy Imaginings"

Lying on my back on the grassy bank of a gurgling brook
My eyes gaze out at the clouds that float overhead
Setting my mind free to float on the current of a gentle breeze.

My fingers idly play with clover blossoms that abound
In wide swept abandon over the hills and dells.

Little scenes drift through my wondering mind
Drawing me into a fantasy realm
Of princesses on white horses, fairy lords, & clan chieftains
Bedecked in tartans of red and gold.

A time where rosy-cheeked maidens tended to flocks of woolly sheep
And children scampered through shamrock-carpeted glens
In search of the end of the rainbow
Harboring the wee Leprechaun's gold.

A land of yore carved out of centuries of woe
Brandished with courage as the tales unfold
Encouraged by a wee spot of ale on a cold Ireland morn.

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