Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where O' Where does the time go?

Where O' where does the time go? I've been busy living, cleaning, cooking and claying. The problem is, I get something sculpted and baked & then it just sits there for days saying, "PAINT ME, PAINT ME!" I think I may need to get a sculptor's hearing aid..ehehe. No, not really, but I am going to take another break today since the weather is supposed to be a balmy 60+° here in the normally arctic Ohio. Time to take my youngest to the park and romp a bit. Who knows, maybe I'll see some more inspiration from nature to bring home & incorporate into my art!

Back to what I have been up to: recently sculpted and baked an Easter Bunny Elliephant, a St. Paddy's Day Elliephant, an itty bitty "normal" Elliephant and a crazy winged piggy. In the oven right now cooling off is another Stumpy Owl & an unusual side view of a car with a dog hanging it's head out of the window with it's ears & jowls flapping in the breeze. Can't wait to see how he turns out once he gets his patina on.

I do solemnly promise to share pictures soon. :)

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