Friday, February 4, 2011

A poem to inspire thoughts of warmth & peace

I hate to say it, but I'm getting sick & tired of winter. I want to go outside & run barefoot through the grass. I want to explore the outdoors and share the wonders with my child. I want to break free of these confining walls, however warm and cozy they might be. Since spring & summer are several months off, I'm going to share one of my favorite warm weather poems that I wrote. It was inspired by a drive down a winding country road that raced alongside a small creek.

"My Image of Heaven" by Miranda Farrand

Deep blue-green leaves of river bottom trees reach
protective hands across the breadth of the tiny creek.
Swirling puffs of dandelion fluff float on the warm
summer breeze, reminiscent of a fairy tale scene.

Hungry fish splish and splash after unwary bugs,
Creating wrinkles in the clear, cool waters.
Tiny ripples form on the current,
sweeping the river's face clean of leaves & dust.
Crawdads and darters inch their way along the bottom,
dashing and scurrying from pebble to pebble.

Dragonflies flit from plant to plant,
never stopping but a moment to rewind.
Bees nestle amongst the petals of wildflowers galore,
applying their make-up of yellow powder.

Cicadas whirl and chirp, blocking out the subtler
sounds of the birds' song, taking the main stage of
Nature's ever-present symphony.

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