Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still a bad blogger.

I'm still terrible about keeping my blog up-to-date. Must be the summer and having so much to do. It certainly was much easier this past winter when it was unpleasant to get out of the house. Nothing like sitting in front of the computer sharing my thoughts & deeds then :) I think to get back on track, I'll share a poem and some recent critters. Maybe that will atone for my blogger slacking. Maybe not.


The busy buzz of bumblebees
Floats upon a summer breeze.
Bewitching drone of a hard day's work
Carried on the winds of hope.

With legs bedecked in clinging socks of pollen
Busy bees bumble along the meadow.
Never picky, be it petunia, dandelion or pansy
The ceaseless work continues.

Life renews in this fellowship garden
The sweet nectar of the purest flower
Provides a honey of a living for
The gold & black striped visitors.

I just remembered that I can't share pictures on here right now because all my recent ones are on my laptop :) Go figure..hehe. But I can share a link to my newest album on Facebook with you if you care to stop over there for a looksie!


1 comment:

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