Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where oh where does the time fly?

What? It's already mid March? I'm not sure where the 1st three months of 2012 went to but it seems like they just went "poof" and disappeared. And not that I'm complaining (well maybe just a little bit since I wanted to play in the snow), but where did winter go to too? It was around 80 degrees today here in Ohio. Weird.


At least I've been busy with my clay critters. Very busy. Some days my head feels like it's spinning with all the new critter ideas and orders that I've been getting. Not complaining there by any means :)

I did finally put my big girl pants on this year and submit two tutorials to Polyform Products for their use. One is an owl, the other is a cute dog. The dog was used in an online ebook by Polyform on their website. It may still be available at . Just search for the newsletter section.

I want to find a world map and start tracking where my little critters have went to live. Some have went to New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands and all over the US. Looking forward to sticking a pin in the different locations.

I promise (with a shudder) that I'll do better updating on here. I'm pretty sure I've said that before..hehe. I'll be posting pictures soon as well of my current critters that I'm working on. In the meantime, feel free to check some of them out at or check out the critters I have listed for sale at .


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