Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another poem: Forest Snow

"Forest Snow" by Miranda Farrand

Icicles hang from the trees,
Melting slowly, water drops gather like beads.

Snow drifts high around country mailboxes,
Shrouding from sight the roadside.

Fluffy flakes coat the branches
Of mighty oaks and gangly sycamore trees.

A gentle breeze lifts and swirls
Little eddies of wind-blown snow.

A squirrel dances in the unexpected shower,
A frozen concoction of crystal flowers.

Tracks intermingling on the frozen forest floor,
Where naught but the wild creatures have gone before.

Faint rays of sunlight glint off frost crystals,
Coating broken stalks of last year's wild wheat.

Tiny sparrows, feathers fluffed against the chill
Huddle beneath the snow-covered branches of a sheltering hedge.

Chirping happy songs, in awe of the beauty of the frozen 'scape.

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