Friday, January 28, 2011

Old Man Winter poem

"Old Man Winter" by Miranda Farrand

Old Man Winter has cast his hand,
Waved his wand and covered the land.

The trees are shimmering with an icy frost,
Falling from the branches like pixy dust.

Crystal snow flowers swirl in frothy scarves,
Around the trunks of slumbering trees.

Sunlight shines with a glimmer,
Making the trees sparkle, like millions of diamonds in the light.

Birds twit and twitter in the merry cold,
Enlivened by the gently blowing swells of snow.

Snow drifts high in frozen pillows,
Covering the ground with it's fluffy softness; awaiting a child's artful touch.

Up rises a snowman with a child's delight,
With a carrot for a nose and coal for eyes.

This thing called winter isn't as dreadful as it seems...
It's filled with wonders, as far as the eye can see!

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