Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Commissions coming in

Commissions seem to be jumping up everywhere with the new year I'm happy to say. The best part is that I have plenty of time to get them done so I can goof off in between with the projects that I have in mind. Last night, in between bouts of cleaning up sickness from my 3 yr old who caught the flu, I doodled up some pictures for my Elliephant line. I've decided to do an Elliephant for every season (and major holiday). So far, I've come up with ideas for an Ellabunny Elliephant, an Elliecharm St. Paddy's Day Elliephant & was working on a doodle for a Ellielove Valentine's Elliephant when I had to drop everything & run with the Lysol.

*Fingers-crossed*, we've woken up sickness free, just tired & droopy today. I've worked a little bit on a Baby Bama Elliephant for a commissioned piece. He/She is coming along just fine. I'm down to adding the arms & ears & accents as well as all the detail lines & Alabama gear. I haven't decided yet if it will be holding a football or not. I'm picturing a binky in it's mouth & a clay knit hat on it's head with the Alabama *A*.

Happy claying ya'll!

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