Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bunnies everywhere!

The new year has been a creative one for me so far :) So far this weekend, I've sculpted another bunny, a valentine critter and a new year critter. I'll show pictures soon of the other bunny. The Valentine & New Year critters have to remain unrevealed until after contest periods. I hate waiting. I really do plan on putting the patinas on the small herd that I have waiting in the wings soon. Maybe someday I'll stop putting it off and get them done.

Hope to be listing some items on Etsy soon. I met with the lady that owns the gift shop in town where I currently have some items on consignment. Unfortunately, she is raising the consignment fee starting this month so I'll have to rework some of my pricing :( Hopefully I can generate some sales online at a more affordable price and still make a little profit to support my poly-clay habit :)

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