Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've been busy lately sculpting new critters when I haven't been feeling under the weather. Yesterday I baked some leftover winter pins that I had made a while back & had sitting around. A creepy santa, a reindeer and a snowman head await painting.

I also made two more bunnies. I love how cute & simple the white bunny turned out with this carrot snack. I have high hopes for the other one holding an egg & paintbrush. I'm going to try dripping paint down him from the tops of his ears to make it look as if he was being painted himself...we'll see how my vision turns into reality. Usually, there are wide swings in there between what I see and what actually comes to life..hehe.

I really, really wish I could share pics of my creations for New Years & Valentines day. I love them...especially my little love dude. I guess you will all have to wait a while longer until after the contests are over :)

Make it a happy clay day!

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